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Wall Street, Pink Lady, and America Prison Consultants & Custody Advisors was founded by former Federal inmates Holli Houghton and Larry Levine. They specialize in assisting male & female defendants qualify for entry in the RDAP federal prison early release program.

Federal Prison Sentence Reductions
Get up to a 12 to 18 Month Early Release

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Pre Custody Consultations

We coach defendants on BOP operations, inmate jobs, medical care, visits, mail, dealing with staff, and inmate life.

Help For Female Defendants

Holli Coulman guides clients on RDAP entry and being a female Federal inmate. 

RDAP Program Early Release

Our licensed therapists provide assessments to help defendants qualify for BOP RDAP program entry and possible early release.

Second Chance Act Releases

We prepare documents for inmate filing qualifying them for extra halfway house.

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Consulting Practice Areas

Pre Custody Consultations

We coach and explain BOP operations, prison types, inmate programs, jobs, medical care, visits, mail, phone use, dealing with prison staff, and all aspects of inmate life.

RDAP Entry Coaching

Our licensed therapists provide chemical dependency assessments & reports enabling defendants to qualify for the Federal Bureau of Prison RDAP early release program.

Help For Female Defendants

Former Federal Inmate Holli Houghton guides female clients on entry into the RDAP Early release program and through all phases on being a female inmate in custody

RDAP Prison Early Release

We assist clients qualify for the RDAP Early Release Prgram by having licensed therapists generate chemical depedency assessments to assist in RDAP qualification.

Pre PSR Coaching

We coach clients on interacting with U.S. Pre-Trial Services during PSR interviews to ensure they provide essentail information to aid in RDAP program qualification and entry.

Prison Designation Assistance

We prepare BOP custody classification documents to assist clients in being designated to  Federal Prison institutions offering RDAP. We are experts at positioning our clients.

Second Chance Act Releases

We prepare BOP Admin Remedy documents for inmate filing to qualify and apply for 12 months of  Halfway House and Home Confinement pursuant to the Second Chance Act.

Low Cost Prison Calls

We assist Federal Inmates and their families cut the cost of 15 minute prison telephone calls from $3.15 to as low as $1.65.

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